4th Jun 2022, 6:38 AM in Crash Landing

Crash Landing Chapter 14

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Author Notes:

Jay042 4th Jun 2022, 6:38 AM edit delete
So we drift from Drake on his boat, to Selene Wildebees leading the ToyCo recovery operation, and back to team Gwenna.


Microraptor 4th Jun 2022, 11:48 AM edit delete reply
A squadron of military-grade helicopters over a jungle environment?
What first comes to mind is inevitably: "Cue the Wagner music!"
(Albeit thankfully with a much less explosive outcome in this case!!)

Also, I wonder how Selene feels when a mission leads her geographically relatively close to her homeland...
jawbone 4th Jun 2022, 12:17 PM edit delete reply
Did you mispronounce "Valtzing "Brünhilde" by any chance?
Microraptor 4th Jun 2022, 7:01 PM edit delete reply
I'm afraid, I think I don't get what exactly you're referencing...

(I understand this "puzzle pieces": I know of Waltzing Matilda, Brünhilde from the Wagner opera, and last but not least "w --> v" is a common mispronunciation because in German "w" is always like the English "v".)

I once did a page titled "Koganan Waltz" though... ;-)
lirvilas 4th Jun 2022, 3:12 PM edit delete reply
if you think deorbiting satellites is bad news

wait until they get deorbited right onto your IP address
Microraptor 4th Jun 2022, 6:50 PM edit delete reply
Deorbiting the satellite right onto Dr. Ytterbium's IP address would have saved those two blokes from total exhaustion having back problems in the future...
jawbone 10th Jun 2022, 3:47 PM edit delete reply
A friend calls the theme from Siegfried's Rhine Journey "Walzing Brünhilde", as it scans quite well.