1st Jan 2012, 8:27 PM in Ruthless Ro-Man

Ruthless Ro-Man #20

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Ruthless Ro-Man #20
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Author Notes:

Jay042 1st Jan 2012, 8:27 PM edit delete
And we start off the New Year with another update! This one is little different sicne I decided to try my hand and coloring the comic by hand instead of using photoshop, though I did tweak it and ran the lettering through it. I'm trying to see if this will help speed up my productivity by cutting out a lot of extra computer time, but still give me something akin to that old fashined look I'm trying to go for. What do you think?

So Gwenna and the gang are rescued by Dynamo one of the Fox heroes I'd previously used back on page 12. He's going to be playing a major part through the rest of the story.


THE_BEHOLDER 2nd Jan 2012, 10:42 AM edit delete reply
I think whatever makes you more productive, is usually the way to go!

The overall look is very different, but it could work just as well. The drawings are nice as usual. My only point would be the coloring of the skin-tones: They look a little busy right now. Perhaps leave more white? Combine with computer flats?

The last frame looks already great though!

Good to see you're continuing. Looking forward to see this unfold.
Jay042 2nd Jan 2012, 1:16 PM edit delete reply
Yeah, the skin tones didn't quite work the way I was wanting. I was using a rather mixed bag of Crayola and Prismacolor markers. The results being that rather spotty look.
Nutster 7th Feb 2023, 1:07 PM edit delete reply
With claws like that, I would expect them to out, not tucked into a fist. When a lion or leopard (or house cat) wants to hurt something, the claws are out. If the claws are in, they are just wanting to push or pull, not hurt, something.