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Kokotomo 16

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Kokotomo 16
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Hee Fone 1st Oct 2019, 6:10 PM edit delete reply
I usually keep my comments short and simple but I've got a lot to say for this page:

1. After reading the speech bubbles here, this page seems to be the most kinky of them all so far.

2. Nula looks more gorgeous than Gwenna as a young nudist and this is most likely due to her buxomness.

3. I wonder how Nula would look like as a preggo be her naked or clothed.

4. Obviously, we can guess what's going to happen next between the both of them.
Marcel 2nd Oct 2019, 4:13 PM edit delete reply
Maybe Mr. Montibar can give Smedley some viagra.
...(RockB) 13th Oct 2019, 4:47 PM edit delete reply

1. Smedley looks like a well-aged man. If he was less happy with his younger self, I can understand that he wants to keep being who he is now.

2. Nula seems to be a head taller than Smedley. Was she always that much taller? If not (I know that people shrink when growing old), it might create another difficulty for them...

2. I'd agree about the kinkiness Hee Fone mentioned (amplified by Nula taking off her dress and it seems she didn't wear anything underneath it) but then again, there was next to no kinkiness in this comic at all.

3. Not so sure whether we can guess what happens next. Smedley might need some time, and I don't mean physically...