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Kaza vs. the XFL's Capt. Gridiron

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Kaza vs. the XFL's Capt. Gridiron
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Jay042 31st Jan 2015, 5:51 PM edit delete
Since last year for February I did both President's Day and Valentine's Day, I thought I would do the really important holiday this time of year: Super Bowl Sunday!

Obviously the evil guy has taken control of Captain Gridiron and is using him to try and kill Kaza, will Gwenna be able to stop this?

Captain Gridiron is inspired by two of the low points in football of the last thirty years: Marvel's NFL SuperPro, and Vince McMahon's X-Treme Football League

SuperPro was 12 issue advertisement for the National Football league starring an obvious Captain America clone wearing a red white and blue set of super duper football pads. The writer of the book openly admits he did the project for New York Jets season tickets, and the book clearly looks like it.

The XFL was the brainchild of the founder of the World Wrestling Federation/Enterprises. It was intended as an off season compliment to the NFL. It folded after one season of play due to low TV ratings. So it seemed perfect to bring these things together in one sucky superhero.