Sadly, no update this week...
by Jay042

Life's been pretty busy for me this week. Between starting up the Jackson Hewitt tax prep course, and getting the final preparations for Fencon done (I run the video room) I've just not had any time for the comic this last week. With the addition of this course  I'm taking, my free time may be in short supply in the near future.

The Nudist on the Super Team
by Jay042

After I did the big splash pages featuring Kaza and Gwenna with the other heroes of this world, I got to thinking about some of the other heroines (and villainesses) who got their kit off while fighting the fight.

Obviously, they exist as attention getters. In a team of what might  be a rather generic looking bunch you have one character that does stand out and draws the readers eyes, especially since they are almost always female (the only exception I can think of is Doctor Manhattan from the Watchmen). There's also a greater tendency for a team of villains to have a nudist with them than heroes.  I guess the idea that only a villain would be decadent enough to flagarantly go against modern society's taboos on nudity. There also seems to be a tendency for the nudist to have no discernable powers, only two of the four characters I list here have any special abilities.

Here's all the examples I could find of the Nudist on the Super Team:


GODIVA (The Axis of Evil)

Superman/Batman #20 (DC Comics)

This is supposed to be the DC analogue of Marvel's Avengers. The Axis of Evil being a stand-in for the Masters of Evil. Godiva is the equivalent of the Enchantress, and has the magical power to bend people to her will.  It could be that being skyclad helps empower her magic.  This was her one and only appearance, and it's highly doubtful anything of this particular world will ever come up again.

MOTHER EVE (Hayes' gang of villains)

Incorruptible #18 - 21 (BOOM! Studios)

In the aftermath of a global disaster created by this universe's version of Superman, a bunch of villains are gathered by a billionaire named Hayes to wrest control of one of the last surviving cities. Mother Eve is one of them, though it's uncertain exactly what her powers are. She does have a snake that stays coiled around her body, but she doesn't seem to exhibit any powers that would make her a real threat.  We arne't likely to see much more of her, since in issue #21 Safeword (the woman at the other end of the picture) used her powers to kill her.



DRAMA QUEEN (The Queens)

Bomb Queen II: Queen of Hearts #2 (Image Comics)

Drama Queen does have the best excuse for her nudity, she grows to giant proportions and she looses her clothes in the process. She and her other partners in the Queens ended up betraying their fellow memeber Bomb Queen to the government. In retaliation Bomb Queen killed them, and Drama Queen died when she fell into an electricity transformer.


BIRTHDAY GIRL(Heroes of Britain)

Knight and Squire #6 (DC Comcis)

Birthday Girl is one of  my personal favorites and one of the few heroes I've found. Her powers seem to be controlling balloons, she always has a few floating around her for strategic placement.  The Joker had come to England and was killing off a bunch of heroes, and participated in the big con-fab to figure out how to stop him.

Two pages in the works
by Jay042

Just to let you know, I've found some time to work on the comic and I have two pages in the works at the moment. The first one has been scanned and is getting colored, and the pencils for the second one are done and the next step is inking.The second pages is lots of fun since I drew it as a horizontal splash page. I should  at least have the first one finished and queued up for next Wednesday.

14 Points
by Jay042

The other day I sat down and wrote an outline of  the remaining plot points i needed to cover to finish my current story in Kaza's Mate Gwenna. I lined it out as a series of numbered bullet points, and all together there are fourteen more story elements I need to get through to finish it. This doesn't necessarily mean 14 more pages, in fact I expect it will mean more pages, especially the fight scenes that will be coming up. 

Mostly this was the first time I really tried any kind of outlinign for a story. Most of the time I tend create pages on the fly, with no real plan. Too often this means a good start, but I taper off and loose interest before I really get anything finished. That was the story with a lot of my previous projects, and I really need to get out of that habit and develop a more disciplined method of writing.

Also, once I do finsih this story, I'll probably be taking a break from this comic for a while. I have another comic idea brewing that I may start on, I have a few plot points written out for it as well. I don't want to talk about it, but I will say it should be quite a departure from my work so far.



Webcomics I read
by Jay042

While I have quite a number of  subscriptions on Comic Fury, there are quite a few comics out there on the web I go out of my way to read regularly:


The Bare Pit  by Stephen Crowley (currently on hiatus) it's just your basic sitcom set at a nudist colony. I've always been amazed he could come up with as many fun and intersting ideas for his series, which has lasted for over ten years. No surprise there is lots of nudity.

Rich's Comixblog by Rich Morris (updates sporradically) Rich is a big fan of Doctor Who, and his Comixblog (which is really just a side project for his regular comic Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic) is most noted for his Doctor Who Fan Comics. His magnum opus, The Ten Doctors , brings together every  Doctor from William Hartnell to David Tennant, and just about every Companion that's ever existed in a 247 page graphic novel spanning all of time and space.

The Non-Adventures of Wonderella by Justin Pierce (updates on Saturdays) Wonderella would be one of the world's greatest superheroes, if she could be bothered to actually, you know, be heroic on occasion.

Darwin Carmichael is Going To Hell by Sophie Goldstien and Jenn Jordan (updates on Tuesdays) After he accidentally caused the future Dali Lama to suffer sever brain damage, Darwin has a massive debt of bad karma to work off or else he's destined for damnation.  It's a rather quirky little comic with some fun and cute art. 

Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan by Reinder Dijkhuis (on hiatus) a long running fantasy series about a group of outlaws. It started out as a humorous series, but has become more serio-comical as the years go by. While Reinder is technically not producing new pages, he has been going back and upddating the art on some of his earlier works. There is occasional nudity.