Fun with site trackers!
by Jay042

To supplement the information the ComicFury stats page provides, I added a site tracker from Extreme Tracking. That's the little icon at the very bottom of the page, and it provides a bit more specific information on  where all the readers have come from. I had it up since ysesterday's update, and already it's provided some interesting information.

It turns out my listing on the Belfry comics list has sent a lot of traffic this way, almost as much as Comicfury so far.  What I really didn't expect to find is that my comic on the links list for a blog called A Natrurists Journey. I wouldn't categorize my comic as natruist, but I'm quite happy  for the shout out.


Prep for NaNoMangO
by Jay042

Next month is NaNoMangO, the artistic equivalent of NaNoWriMo. I'm planning on participating, though I'll working on a different project than Kaza.  Which means I want to get a few more pages done and in the queue before June. I have the first two weeks covered, but that still leaves three more pages to get done in the next nine days.

If I'm fretting over three pages in nine days, who will I get a page a day done? Well I'm doing the Kaza pages on 11"X17" (A3) sized paper, and I'm coloring and lettering the art in photoshop, which factors a lot more time into the creation process. For the NaNo, I'll be doing doing the art on 8.5"x 11" (A4). I'll be coloring with markers on lettering in situ. Plus I'm planning on doing the art in a slightly broader, more cartoonish style with a lot heavier inking than I do on Kaza. Hopefully this will allow me to work fast enough to complete a page a day, but the big issue will be keeping up the pace for a whole month.

I'll be setting up a seperate comic site for the story, so you can be on the look out for than in July.


Next Update: April 28th
by Jay042

Just a heads up that I'm starting my next story this Thursday, and I'll have weekly updates for it.

Guess the Bad Guy!
by Jay042

I have the first page of the next  Kaza's Mate Gwenna story penciled. I had a couple false starts with it, but now I'm set on the story.

Though I kept saying I was going to write out this story before I started it, I once again fell into my habit of improvising. I'll try and write out the next couple pages at least, and make certain I have a firm direction I want to go with this.

I've certainly turned up the crack factor on this one! No spoilers, but I'm going for some sci-fi this time around. I'm using one of the most infamous sci-fi villains ever created. He's instantaneously recognizable, but I'm not worried about potential copyright claims.

It still might be a while before I post anything, I want to get a few pages ahead and set a regular posting schedule.

Kaza's First Cameo!
by Jay042

Antihero had put the call out on the forums for guest strips for his comic Stranger than Fiction. So I obliged him with a cameo of Kaza, alongside Charlie Sheen and Thomas Jefferson in a parody of a Charles Atlas comic ad. No, I'm not certain that makes much sense, but it's up and you can take a look for yourselves.