Since I've acquired an actual audience...
by Jay042

I was checking the statistics and noticed I'm getting over a dozen visits a day for the past week. So, I thought it would be worth the trouble to at least say hello to everyone and let you know I'm still working on the comic. I haven't got a set schedule I'm working from, so the best advice might be to use the RSS feed to let you know when I'm adding a page, or keep an eye out on my Deviant Art page since I post the comic concurrently there as well.

The current story "The Serpent Sorceress"  is actually pretty close to wrapping up. It should end up between 12-15 pages total. I need to keep these stories relatively short, casue every time I try doing some long, convoluted plot I end up losing my way and eventually abandon the project. My temperment is much better suited to these shorter stints. I already have an idea for the next story, so there's good chance I'll be staying on this for a little while longer.

So, still working and I should have another page up in a week or so. Thanks for stopping by!