Maintaining a buffer
by Jay042
As I had mentioned briefly before, I had a number of medical problems at the start of April and had been dealing with them throughout the month, which ended with me being hospitalized for eight days, Thankfully I am feeling much better, though my recovery is taking some time.

I am rather proud that through all of this, I did maintain my comic buffer and kept publishing two pages a week. Just from looking at my files on the computer I noticed I didn't create any comics for the month of April (no surprise considering the shape I was in.) and since I got home I've been able to make six pages in fairly quick succession.

The current story will be wraping up in the next few weeks, and I will probably put the comic on hiatus while I work on my next story.
Updates will be slowing down
by Jay042
After Monday, updates for Kaza and Gwenna will be sporadic. Since the start of April I had a series of health issues, which culminated in getting hospitalized for eight days. I am feeling much better now, but it will be slow going getting the comic going again.
Change in Schedule
by Jay042
I had announced previously that I'd start posting new pages on February 6th. That was before I started posting the current short story Always New Shenanigans from the Cosmic Beholder. It's going a few more pages than I anticipated, so I moved back the start of my new story to February 13th.
Next story starts Feburary 6th
by Jay042
I have been working on my next  story and now that I have a decent buffer, I plan on starting it up in Feburary. Kaza and Gwenna are going to be in New York for a little while longer, so I'm focusing on the Commissioner and Nula. Plus, I am bringing back the bamboo framing, which I used back on The Phantom Ape, but have negelected to use all the time. I've come up with a way to do it that doesn't require as much drawing, so it will be far easier to add to the comics regularly.
Grinder$, Cryptida and Kaza's Mate Gwenna.
by Jay042

Well, I finished off Kaza in New York right at the start of December. So I've been taking it pretty easy while I plan my next story. Inspiration came from Lirvilas and his Grinder$ series on Comic Fury.


His comic, CryptidasMicroraptor's, mine and Stilldown's Theater of the Bloody Tongue have become part of a shared universe that's been dubbed the Think Tank Schnittstelle 23. Stilldown has been collecting data in a file about all of the various characters, connections, interactions and shared elements between the various comics. Kaza's Mate Gwenna has mostly been adjacent to much of these connections, just a side player in some of these stories. Though that is likely to start changing. In Grinder$, Lirvilas has been laying the ground work for a larger crossover between our comics, and undoubtedly Kaza and Gwenna are going to find themselves in the middle of it.


We are heading into the Second Ostrich War


The first Ostrich War started out as a joke. Microprator's funny little entry for a 30 Days of characters challenge. Then it became part of the backstory for one of the Cryptida characters. Another 30 Days Challenge gave rise to General Mbuni, the main antagonist of the Ostrich War, along with several of his associates and underlings. All of this world building was for the Cryptida spin off series Playground. Set at the luxurious Monaco Royale hotel in Monaco, the leadership of Timmy's Toyco is trying to make a business deal with General Mbuni, which is being interfered with by international terrorists.


That lead to a major plotline in Grinder$. Donna Panks, the main character, ends up involved with Mbuni, Donna is rather commitment phobic, and runs away from his from his proposal. She returns back to her life in the town of Anvil Flats, but finds herself sent to Africa by her employer.


This is the point where Kaza's Mate Gwenna really starts getting tied into the story. Donna is in Buranda, the setting for my comic. She visits The Adventurer's Club, a location from my comic, and encounters Henry Botaba, the Mbuni lookalike, who I've used once before. Lirvilas even threw in a cameo by Wimberley and the Commissioner. The pair of them throw wildest party in Buranda, and they end up destabilizing the government.


For my next act, I'll be following The Commissioner, Nula and Wimberley as they deal with some of the side effects of these events. I have a few pages with the Commissioner and Nula worked out, and I'm planning some pages with Wimberley and his wife, who hasn't been seen in ages.