Posting an old comic
by Jay042
I did a 24 hour comic in 2019 that I had posted onmy Deviant Art page. I finally got around to posting it here on my Comics Blog site.
Crossover with Grinder$
by Jay042
The current storyline in Grinder$ is taking place in Buranda, the setting for Kaza's Mate Gwenna. While Kaza and Gwenna are absent, some locations and supporting characters (and even some villians) are getting featured.

Currently, Kaza and Gwenna are still in New York. The big question is what will their home country be like when they do return.
Grinder$/Kaza's Mate Gwenna connection
by Jay042
The current storyline in Grinder$ is taking place in Buranda, and Lirvilas has his characters turning up at The Adventures' Club, a setting I've used on a few occasions in my comic.
Hello new subscribers!
by Jay042
I noticed the number of new subs to the comic lately, and I thank you for the interest. Sadly it will be a while before I'll be posting anything new since I am in the middle of a cross country move. 

The last few pages for Crash Landing are sitting in my hard drive and need to be finished, and I am planning on taking advantage of my current down time to start work on my next story. So hopefully once I start posting again there we quite a bit of material.
Going dark for a while
by Jay042
At the end of this week, I'll be moving from North Carolina back to Texas. Until the house gets set up (which is likely to take some time) I'll be out of communication until further notice.