Grinder$/Kaza's Mate Gwenna connection
by Jay042
The current storyline in Grinder$ is taking place in Buranda, and Lirvilas has his characters turning up at The Adventures' Club, a setting I've used on a few occasions in my comic.
Hello new subscribers!
by Jay042
I noticed the number of new subs to the comic lately, and I thank you for the interest. Sadly it will be a while before I'll be posting anything new since I am in the middle of a cross country move. 

The last few pages for Crash Landing are sitting in my hard drive and need to be finished, and I am planning on taking advantage of my current down time to start work on my next story. So hopefully once I start posting again there we quite a bit of material.
Going dark for a while
by Jay042
At the end of this week, I'll be moving from North Carolina back to Texas. Until the house gets set up (which is likely to take some time) I'll be out of communication until further notice.
Prepping for 30 Days of Characters
by Jay042
I signed up for the annual 30 Days of Characters challenge. So I've spent the month coming up with ideas for it. This time around, I found some inspiration in lirvilas' Grinder$ comic. It kind of started after lirv set up a Darkpool International office front a doors down from the coffeeshop setting of his comic. Darkpool is a mercenary company I created for a previous 30 Days event, which became a recurring presence in the Let it Ride universe. So I returned the favor by creating Deke Wilson, the smarmy recruiter who runs the Darkpool office. Almost immediately, lirvilas turned around and put him in the comic for nine pages.

So, I've been playing around with a few ideas, and so far I have quite a few ready, and many of them Anvil Flats ajacent. I've got a few Marsec employees, but they are generic enough they could be used elsewhere. Several are speciifc to Grinder$, with direct connections to other characters, I even have one location for Anvil Flats that just seems like the sort of think this town would have.The characters I have created that are directly tied to Kaza and Gwenna are limited, but I do have a few ideas on expanding that territory. Though one idea so far has been directly inspired (if very obscurely) by Microraptor's Cryptida.

Mostly I like how different all of them are, even if they might be from this one setting.It's been an interesting creative challenge coming up with some of these ideas, and it's been rather useful for me.
Kaza, the women in his life, and their children.
by Jay042

So, at the end of Three Days from Kokotomo, we find out the threesome between Kaza, Gwenna and Lenore has resulted in Lenore being pregnant. What's going to happen with Lenore and Kaza's child remains to be seen, but it's worth pointing out I have assumed for a while Kaza actually has multiple children with several women. In that incomplete story Paternity, I suggested Kaza has a couple of teenage kids from before he met Gwenna.

Kaza's previous life as billionaire playboy Kyle Elsworth III lended itself to women throwing themselves at him. Kaza and Gwenna's open relationship has also allowed ample opportunities for such encounters. Which does beg the question of exactly how many kids does he have.

I have a few ideas for some of these characters, but I'm opening the floor to any suggestions or offer of OC's, both for potential mothers of Kaza's children and also his various lovers in general.

So who's all getting it on with Kaza?