More Beholder Fan art
by Jay042

Paul Hoppe has been at it again, Kaza and Gwenna got featured along with several other comic characters in his latest pic.


New Fan Art from The Beholder
by Jay042

Paul's been at it again, Kaza and Gwenna visit the Odds and enjoy some sunbathing on the roof.


New fan art from argylefox!
by Jay042

argylefox of Indifferently Evil was bored and started taking requests on the forum. To try and keep things PG-13 in the forum, I suggested he could do the Commissioner and Wimberly, he had another idea instead...


New Fan art from The Beholder!
by Jay042

Paul's gone and done ti again. This time around Kaza and Gwenna get visited by Octobrianna


Clicky to see full size.

Naked people are noticing me
by Jay042

It turns out the first review my comic has recived was published a while ago. The Lake Edun Foundation Newsletter (pdf) descibed the comic as an "outstanding contribution to nude culture."  That defintiely sounds like my new promo blurb.  I hadn't been aware of their review till the newsletter link turned up in the web referrers last week.

I've always known my comic had something of a following inside nudist/ natruist circles. Some of the first people who heard about the comic were part of the forum community for Stephen Crowley's The Bare Pit. Even today that forum remians one of my biggest referral sources. I should also mention Reinder Dijkhuis creator of Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan, Spun Off, and Abui's Travels has been quite generous in mentioning my comic alongside some of these others. I also got a bit of recognition, and the first piece of fan art for the comic, from Paul Hoppe (aka Cosmic Beholder) who did a sketch of Gwenna a while back.

It does give a nice warm feeling when my efforts are getting some notice.